American Preschool & Kindergarten(International School) in Okinawa Japan


Program(American Preschool Okinawa)

Our program is instructed in English. The children who are EAL (English as an Additional

Language) are stimulated to learn and use English in our instruction and learning



We provide a well-balanced program with American and Japanese-style education adapted

partly from the Montessori Education Method.


We will teach the Japanese language and culture to children from non-Japanese speakíng

homes through greetings,songs,annual events and crafts. It is an excellent opportunity

for the children to learn about another country’s culture while living in Japan.


We offer EAL (English as an additional language) classes to the children from non-English

speakíng homes to enhance their language skills.


We have several school events and field trips throughout the year.

-Field Trips : Visiting a Fire Station,a Police Station,the Zoo,a Fishing Village,and an

Ocean Study Tour …etc

-Events : Thanksgiving,Christmas,Valentines Day,Easter,4th of July,Shichi-Go-San

(a Japanese celebration for 3,5,and 7 year olds),Girls’ Day,Boys’ Day,Program.

for more information TEL +818017431010 7:00~18:00 (Japan Standard Time)

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