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American Preschool in Okinawa Japan

Our philosophy is that a happy heart, healthy body and capable mind promote spiritual well-being. Through gentle guidelines we encourage independence, self-confidence and inspire imagination to foster the skills necessary to create positive attitudes that will help our students achieve their full potential and promote healthy habits for a balanced purpose driven life.

Our objective is to nurture and inspire the human spirit in every child by providing a safe fun-loving learning environment in our effort to stimulate natural growth. We use a wide range of materials and techniques acquired over many years of experience in our continued effort to assist child development according to their individual needs and personal level of ability. Our methods are based mainly on the Montessori System of education combined with a balanced mixture of other styles proven to get great results.

Our qualified leadership skills will contribute a positive influence on the personal development of each child according to their individual academic, emotional and physical needs. We have develop a system utilizing age appropriate techniques acquired through continued research and years of experience as trained teachers and child care providers.

Our education program is a wonderful opportunity for our students to participate in the immersion system of learning. This method of learning a second language has been proven to be very effective over the years since it’s introduction in the 1960’s. It also has been shown to improve interest and self-awareness of the multi-cultural society our present world has become. We help to develop skills in interpersonal and international relationships by teaching to respect and appreciate the basic human rights, personal feelings, individual ideas and opinions of others locally and abroad. This is achieved by group participation in a classroom atmosphere and also through extra-curricular activities which allow our children a wonderful opportunity to personally experience the unique social and cultural history of the lifestyles of others, so they can be appreciated as well as celebrated.

Our diverse curriculum is attained through many resources, using numerous innovations to consistently make an effort to improve on our ability to support and encourage the process of brain development, such as cognitive thinking, perception, memory, judgment, reasoning and also to motivate problem solving skills by helping to establish a solid foundation of rational thought patterns using creative thinking and logic.

Our desire is to provide the higher standard of quality education mentally as well as physically. Therefore, we feel it is essential to educate our youth about the importance of personal hygiene, proper diet and physical health. We offer a wide variety of physical activities in order to enhance motor skill function and promote physical fitness. By example our students will naturally adopt the basic principles of healthful living through learning and experience healthy habits.

Our students are cultivated in a stable structured atmosphere in which our children can grow as they experience healthy social interaction with their peers. Through class participation, students learn by example to develop character building skills such as responsibility, honesty, respect, cooperation, friendship, generosity, compassion, integrity and acceptance. These personal attributes among others help establish a moral standard of principles that will become the foundation of future personalities.

Our staff believes these precious years of early child care development are a wonderful opportunity to shape young minds and mold character. To have the privilege of being able to touch their young hearts with a positive influence on their development and well-being is an honor we cherish. We also realize this is a very serious responsibility and long term commitment, as our instructional methods and daily activities will become some of the building blocks of their character and future achievements.

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